Our scholarships make tech accessible for more women

Hey lady! Looking for tech scholarships to kick-start your career?

Here at allWomen, we’re in the business of giving more women the opportunity to enter their dream tech careers – no matter their financial background.

That’s why, we partner with organizations that want to support our mission – like Skyscanner, Badi, and Barcelona Activa – to offer our community with tech scholarships to join our all female tech courses throughout the year.

Our goal is make Data Science, UX Design, and Product Management accessible and possible no matter your background. Transforming it from a pipe dream into a truly attainable reality for all women. 

Here’s an overview of our tech scholarship opportunities to give you a better idea of what we do…

In November 2019, we partnered with Badi to present 3 women interested in Learning Python with the opportunity to do so. This immersive course taught students to learn this crucial data management program in 20 hours through their very own business-analytics project.

In September 2019, we partnered with Skyscanner to provide scholarships to women interested in studying Product Management and UX/UI Design in the fall of 2019. 4 women (2 PM and 2 UX) were invited to participate in our classes through this scholarship, giving more opportunities to women across the tech industry.

And in February 2020, we partnered with Barcelona Activa and Skyscanner to grant 5 women with scholarships to attend the April edition of our Data Science Immersive course.

And our partnerships only continue to grow as we do.

Our partners trust that training with allWomen is worthwhile; that’s why they give more women the opportunity to do so through scholarships. And we’re always on the lookout for more.

If your company is interested in supporting our mission of getting more women into the tech industry, then join our Scholarship Program to learn what you can contribute today!

Finally, keep a look out on our Scholarships page for all of the announcements of our scholarship opportunities in Data Science, Product Management, and UX Design.

No matter your challenges, we’re here to support you in entering your dream career in tech!


AllWomen is the evolution
of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the
way along.

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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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