Say hello to our Data Science Life-Balance Scholarships!

Designed for women who have other responsibilities but still want to study Data Science Part Time with allWomen.

Last month, we provided 3 worthy women with the opportunity to study Data Science Full Time with allWomen thanks to our Super Scholarships for women in Data. But we realized that this initiative didn’t provide support to women who want to shift or boost their careers into data – but who work full-time, have families to take care of or other life responsibilities on their plate. 

Thus, our Life-Balance Scholarships were born! We’re now providing 4 women with 50% off of the total tuition of the April Edition of our Data Science Part Time course in an effort to help all women – no matter her circumstances – build a career in tech. 

So this year, we’ve been all about putting our money where our mouth is – literally. We’ve spent the beginning of 2021 focusing on providing women with more options for funding their tech studies through various initiatives, alternatives, and scholarships. 

And after successfully launching Super Scholarships for our full time courses last month, we realized that this didn’t account for worthy women who have other full-time commitments – but still want to take the leap into data. 

This is crucial, as many women can’t afford to take a month off to study a new discipline but still deserve the opportunity to reap the benefits of a career in tech

That’s why we’re offering 4 women scholarships of 50% off the total tuition of the April Edition of our Data Science Part Time course. This scholarship is designed to help worthy women balance their life with their studies, enabling them to steadily work their data career into their already very busy lives. 

If we want to stand by our promise of making this year the year for women in Data Science, then we need to include women who have other life responsibilities to account for. You’re just as deserving, and we’d like to prove that to you!

So apply today for our Life-Balance Scholarships! Find all of the information below and feel free to share with any woman who might be interested.

Data Science – Part Time: April 6 – October 26th (with summer break)

Apply for one of four scholarships for 3,725€ – 50% off of the total tuition

  • _Deadline to apply: February 21st
  • _Selected applicants will be contacted: February 22nd – 26th
  • _Personal Interview and Tech Assessment: March 1st – 5th
  • _Pre-Work: March 8th – 26th

And remember that we’re always looking for ways to help women fund their careers in tech. So if you don’t qualify for this scholarship or are interested in taking another course with us, still reach out about financial options. We will do everything we can to help you fund your studies!


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