Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science… what’s the difference?

Learn why we now offer 3 types of Data Science courses!

When allWomen first opened our doors to female tech aspirants, we were proud to be the first Data Science academy for women. Inspired by the number of women that were interested in our courses, we later expanded our offerings to support the needs of our students. 

Now with 3 different Data Science courses on offer, we’d like to look back at our history with the data discipline to give you an idea of what each pathway has to offer

Having started as an academy purely for Data Science, allWomen has developed a strong relationship with all things data and artificial intelligence related. And what we’ve learned throughout this process is that there’s room for different takeaways from this multidisciplinary field depending on what you want to get out of it.

That’s why we’ve now developed 3 different courses that fall under the Data Science umbrella to give women with different profiles the opportunity to enrich their careers with data.

You’re heard about us talk about Data AnalyticsMachine Learning, and Data Science before, but maybe you don’t quite know the difference. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to break them down for you!

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is our beginner Data Science course for women that want to learn how to get answers from data by means of powerful visualizations and apply this kind of analysis to different aspects of their own career. It’s the perfect course for using data to deepen your understanding of your own work, while gaining new skills that can be brought into all future projects – no matter the industry.  

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is our Data Science course for women who already have an understanding of data but wish to take their knowledge to the next level by learning how to create data-driven solutions by means of predictive modeling. It’s the perfect course for getting better acquainted with machine learning, which includes creating your very own human-centric data solution as your personal project. 

Data Science

Data Science is our overarching data course which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the entire discipline. In this course, you’ll receive both the Data Analytics and Machine Learning trainings, making it the perfect course for women who wish to enter the course fresh and leave fully equipped for transforming data into answers. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is also included in the course structure, a discipline that extracts meaningful and powerful information from text.

Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Consider joining one of our courses to initiate your career in data in a space that’s here to support your future goals.

See our latest Data Science Demo Day for yourself to learn about the final projects that our Data Science students have created over the course of our classes – something that you could do in the future! Remember, there’s still time to kickstart your career in data in a space made for women, by women


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