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Giovana Jaramillo Gutierrez​

A biologist turned into Data Scientist

Truly life-changing experience

“allWomen has had a profound impact in my personal journey, transitioning into Tech. By giving me a vibrant, and exciting space to learn, and by exposing me to terrific women leaders working in AI. The quality of teaching was outstanding and based on hands-on business real-life problems.”


Magda Cebrian

A sustainable driven entrepreneur

Now I feel comfortable with the tech and startup world.

“When I started the Product Management course I was just starting my own Startup. Perfect timing! I have applied and I will continue to implement all I have learned to my project.”


Elena Travi

Finantial motivated by UX challenges

The teachers were amazing

“The UX-UI course introduced me to a world that I didn’t know how to approach otherwise.
The teachers really made a difference, always available for questions, feedback, curiosities and motivation.”


Blanca Cros

Data analyst with a marketing mindset

Great course, even better community.

“I did the Data Science Program with no technical background, it has been a truly challenging, amazing experience. The content, the labs and the community of women in technology that allWomen is creating, is fantastic! I recommend it to all my friend.” ​

Karoline Siebert

Product Manager + Software Developer + Graphic Designer

Can only recommend!

“This course got me really excited about a possible transition into a new career. I really feel confident now while going for interviews for a new role, I learned the vocabulary and the core knowledge of a product manager and got a really good introduction. “

Angela Bustillos

Entrepreneur and explorer

I applied all I learned to my project from day 1. 

“I did the Product Management course with the idea of ​​improving and getting new knowledge to apply to my Startup. After 10 weeks I learned and got everything I was looking for: understanding process, executions, prioritizing, roles, management and tools. “

Anna Oriola

Digital Product Designer

The teachers exceeded my expectations.

“The Product Management course improved my self-confidence giving me the bases to keep evolving in my career. I learned that there is a long way to go and they gave me the most important stuff to start!” ​

Inés Cordon Morillas

From Academy to Data Analysis

I couldn’t have choosen better

“You learn everything you need to enter the tech industry in less than 3 month of hard but really fascinating work in a fun and caring environment. allWomen team will do everything in their hands to help you and give you all the skills required to become a Data Scientist. “

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