Meet our students

Get to know our students and about their experience at allWomen.

Inés Cordon Morillas

From Academy to Data Analysis

I couldn’t have chosen better.

Claudia Zen

Product Owner

We had amazing professional women.

Tomi Ogundayo

Growth Associate

I’ve met amazing people.

Highlights from our graduates


Katia Arellano

Product Manager, Digital Strategist and UX Consultant

A real motivation!

“This course gave me really efficient tools and methodologies to improve my knowledge and my self-confidence in delivering products that fit users’ needs. These 10 weeks have also reminded me that co-creation with your team is essential and a real motivation!.”

Erika Mastrorosa -

Erika Mastrorosa

Philosopher, user researcher and UX designer

The teachers are outstanding women.

“In ten weeks, the UX/UI course gave me a structured understanding of a field I would have never thought could become my career. The teachers are outstanding women who are there for you 100%, giving you guidance to make the best out of the course. It’s great to have this group of women supporting you all the way!”


Hazel Watts

Product Manager

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to take this course.

“Coming from a completely different background, I always wondered whether I had the skills to get into tech, and now I KNOW I do.

I don’t know anywhere else where you would find the right space to feel safe, supported and elevated as much as you would here. I truly feel a part of a family of powerful amazing women.”


Giovana Jaramillo Gutierrez​

A biologist turned into Data Scientist

Truly life-changing experience.

“allWomen has had a profound impact on my personal journey transitioning into Tech b giving me a vibrant and exciting space to learn and by exposing me to terrific women leaders working in AI. The quality of teaching was outstanding and based on hands-on business and real-life problems.”


Magda Cebrian

A sustainable driven entrepreneur

Now I feel comfortable with the tech and startup world.

“When I started the Product Management course I was just starting my own Startup. Perfect timing! I have applied and will continue to implement all I have learned to my project.”


Elena Travi

Finantial motivated by UX challenges

The teachers were amazing

“The UX-UI course introduced me to a world that I didn’t know how to approach otherwise.
The teachers really made a difference, always available for questions, feedback, curiosities and motivation.”


Blanca Cros

Data analyst with a marketing mindset

Great course, even better community.

“I did the Data Science Program with no technical background, it has been a truly challenging, amazing experience. The content, the labs and the community of women in technology that allWomen is creating is fantastic! I recommend it to all my friends.”


Karoline Siebert

Product Manager + Software Developer + Graphic Designer

Can only recommend!

“This course got me really excited about a possible transition into a new career. I really feel confident now while going for interviews for a new role, I learned the vocabulary and the core knowledge of product management and got a really good introduction.”


Angela Bustillos

Entrepreneur and explorer

I applied everything that I learned to my project from day 1. 

“I did the Product Management course with the idea of improving and getting new knowledge to apply to my Startup. After 10 weeks I learned and got everything I was looking for: understanding process, executions, prioritizing, roles, management and tools.”

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