Our bootcamps train you in the most sought-after roles in tech that offer the most rewarding career opportunities. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a quick dive into why these roles might transform your career, and why allWomen should be your starting point to secure them.

We’ve made it our mission to design certified bootcamps in specific roles that offer some of the most incredible career opportunities in tech. Here are just a few of the reasons why these roles could be the thing that completely transforms your career!

Why choose a career in UX/UI Design?

👀 5th most sought-after role in tech: Thanks to the integral role UX/UI design has in almost every project, there will always be an abundance of opportunities right on your doorstep! 

💸 Highest paying for juniors: Did you know the average entry-level UX/UI Design role in Europe is €40,000? That’s almost double the salary of other design roles like graphic designers!

💻 Flexible and remote: UX/UI design is all digital, making it the perfect role for those who like to work from home or adjust their work schedule to their personal life. Psst, digital nomads… this is your dream!

Sounds right up your street? Our UX/UI Design bootcamp is expertly designed to get you there. Download our syllabus for all the details!

Why choose a career in Data Analytics?

📈Fastest-growing role in 2023: That’s right, Data Analytics continues to become more and more sought-after, with an annual growth rate of 5.5%. 

🌎Wide range of niche roles: EVERY company relies on data for success. There are a ton of niche roles within this world you can specialize in, from a Language Data Analyst to a Medical and Healthcare Analyst. 

💪Gain super technical skills: You’ll become an expert inprogramming languages like Python and SQL, making you a highly desirable asset… and justifying a great salary. 

Does Data Analytics sound like your successful future? Check out everything our Data Analytics bootcamp offers, from Python programming to data visualization!

Why choose a career in Product Management? 

💰 Great entry-level salary: With the responsibility of delivering a successful project, it’s no surprise that the average starting salary for Product Managers in Europe is a very respectable €37,000, according to Glassdoor.

🏃‍♀️ Rapid advancement opportunities: Product Management has one of the quickest career progressions in tech – you can advance to a Senior role in just 3 years!

☯️ Hard & soft skills: This role perfectly combines a range of in-demand hard and soft skills that will continue to be invaluable wherever your career takes you. From strong communication and problem-solving to strategic organization and technical knowledge, you’ll have it all!

If Product Management seems like your next step in your tech career, download our Product Management bootcamp syllabus to discover everything we do to get you there! 

Why transform your career with allWomen? 

allWomen is more than just learning; we offer everything you need to transform your career. We provide you with the learning, resources, and support you need to evolve into a successful woman in tech, all within a safe environment where you can unapologetically be yourself. 

  • Your close-knit community: We have grown into a 30k+ community of women and allies that support you in finding your path and feeling confident in yourself. 
  • Female-led all the way: Made up of 100+ kick-ass female instructors and experts, our team is dedicated to providing you with the latest insights and top techniques to be successful in your chosen role.
  • Our mission is your success: We’re proud to have 700+ graduates in the past 4 years, who have been able to upskill and professionally progress thanks to allWomen.
  • Find your next career: We havemore than 100 tech hiring partners connecting with and offering exclusive job opportunities to our students, so you can kickstart your career ASAP. 

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Don’t forget that we don’t want to let finances hold you back from becoming a successful woman in tech! That’s why we offer a range of flexible payment options to help you get started with your formal training straight away. 

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