Did you know that women have helped enormously in the development of the tech world? Yep, there’s an incredible history of women in tech that’s often forgotten, overlooked, or not even taught at all. 

Despite women (and many of them women of color) making up some of the most critical human computers, engineers, and programmers in history, we still feel left out of these industries that are driven by the white, male standard.

Here at allWomen, we are obsessed with uncovering what it is that holds women back from challenging this standard and celebrating a history of women in tech by becoming one of them.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to debunk the myths that hold women back from studying tech disciplines.

From the idea that tech is only for people with a background in math or science to seeing these studies as unapproachable or too difficult, we believe that the more we discuss them – the less power they’ll have over us. 

And who better to share these messages than the women who have overcome the myths themselves? Yep, in order to share these myths with you, we’ve asked our students to share their own fears and apprehension and how they conquered that by studying with us. 

We’d like to kick it off with a myth that we see scaring people away right off the bat! The idea that “tech is too boring” and wouldn’t be a fun or exciting career path. 

Data Science alumna Romina Vallés was affronted by this myth when she first started thinking about studying tech. But what she came to realize is that coding and analyzing data – is far from boring. Here’s her experience…

“I get to spend hours and hours in front of my computer analyzing data, and honestly, I often forget that the clock exists. I believe that this continuous training in data is actually a necessity for me, not something boring or tedious. Thanks to the knowledge acquired at allWomen, I’ve just created a professional data project that will help me to focus my career in tech.Romina Vallés, Data Science Alumna

Have you ever been worried that tech is too boring, repetitive, or dull? Our students would happily convince you otherwise! 

Overcome this myth at allWomen so that you too can enter the world of tech without fear, trepidations, or anxieties.