This myth is a biggie ladies! Probably one of the most potent – and the reason why allWomen exists in the first place. 

And that’s the myth that technology is a male-centered environment, so we, as women, won’t be able to fit in anyway. 

While we can’t deny that tech is absolutely a male-dominated environment that was built to help men (most specifically white men) succeed, we know for a fact that this doesn’t have to be the way it is just “because it is.” 

It can be super intimidating to enter these spaces with confidence, but the more that women share their experiences with one another the easier it will become. 

“I was never encouraged at school to pursue a tech career, when my male counterparts were.

However, being a woman in a male environment wasn’t a new situation for me. At other stages in my life I’ve had to build a mindset that would help me overcome this status quo. But I’m still totally concerned that I will always have to prove my achievements. 

I hope that in the near future women won’t have to continue validating their excellence. Tech needs more women who look like us. 

In my opinion, intersectionality is a gift and not an issue. That’s the only way we will be able to remove the idea of a male-centered environment from our imaginarium.

And after finishing the Data Science course with allWomen, I’ve discovered the importance of a good deployment of AI in order to avoid unconscious bias. I have a strong interest in this issue and learning to fight against it.”Oyidiya Oji Palino, allWomen Data Science alumna

Yesss lady! Let’s change the world with better tech – the kind that looks to provide more diverse and fair solutions, fighting against our unconscious bias. It’s ladies like these that are changing our future technology, and we’re so proud to see it.

If you want to study a tech discipline in a space where women aren’t the minority – but the majority – then join us here at allWomen!