This myth can really get you if you’re not careful! And it’s finding the personal motivation to make a career move when you’ve already been working in another field.

Motivation is tough, as we have to find the drive and passion within ourselves to make a big change in our professional lives. Plus, it doesn’t help that we believe switching careers to a tech field from a different sector will make our CVs confusing. 

As women are only now being encouraged to enter tech disciplines (at least this is the work we’re doing!), it’s no surprise that many women haven’t been working in tech fields for the initial moments of their professional lives. But this does NOT mean that they should not find the personal motivation to embrace the opportunity to do so now. 

Tech disciplines, like data, are useful no matter what sector you’re in. And when women make the choice to boost or shift their careers into tech, they’re only creating a more interesting and attractive professional portfolio that will help them land jobs in some of the world’s fastest growing sectors. 

But we don’t have to tell you this, let’s hear about it from Data Analytics alumna and Project Manager at Fundacio Nous Sims, Olga Permanyer!

“My field of work, at first glance, has nothing to do with technology. So when I was thinking about changing my career, I felt a bit panicked. I hesitated a lot, as I kept asking myself: is it going to be a clever professional move? 

That’s where I was the most wrong. 

We are not aware – at least I wasn’t – to what extent every field depends on technology, but also that the concept of technology is very broad and keeps getting broader. 

Data? We all need data. Data science? It’s such a genius tool. 

And when starting with Python, you realize that it’s designed based on logic –  so it is easy to understand and learn. So, do not panic. Find the motivation inside – and just jump. 

Read, get informed, and consider all of the options you have available to you when making a career move! Then make it happen.

My only regret? That I haven’t had the time (yet) to keep on learning and jumping into machine learning…”Olga Permanyer, Project Manager at Fundacio Nous Sims

Maybe this can be your next move Olga! We’d love to have you in our Data Analytics course.