It’s not easy to continuously bring new value to your role at a company. Specifically in rapidly growing digital sectors, which are constantly disrupting the market as they push to new heights.

That’s why we’re so proud to see women who are interested in upskilling their tech profiles, like allWomen alumna, Paula Garaventa. She took both our Data Analytics and Data Science bootcamps in order to upgrade her skill set, remain relevant in the tech space, and help improver her personal performance at her company AdPone.

Read on to hear her personal account on how studying with allWomen has helped her to improve AdPone’s bottom line, while building herself a more fulfilling and meaningful career in Data Analytics and Science.

First, could you present yourself and give a small description of your background and your current position working at AdPone?

I’m Paula, and I’m a data analyst and sociologist.  Nowadays, I am working as a Data Analytics Manager at AdPone.

Given my background, I am very used to working with data. My previous work experience is in research and program/policy evaluation in international organizations and in the public sector. This supports my actual role because my work is to analyze data and give insights. This requires attention to detail, creativity and problem-solving capacity.

When I started working at AdPone, the company was experiencing exponential growth (968.2% growth in revenue between 2016 and 2019- Financial Times) and that is when I noticed some room for improvement in data analytics regarding its CRM. So, I decided to create a project from scratch and present it to the top management, which is when I changed my role to Data Analytics Manager. It is really fulfilling to see my solutions being implemented and the positive impact they have on the company.

Could you explain your hiring journey to AdPone? How did you hear about the position, what was the interview process like, etc.

As I was doing my Master’s degree in Barcelona, I found an open position LinkedIn on at AdPone for data analyst and market research. I thought it would be very interesting to work in the private sector for the first time and, most importantly, in a tech startup.  The interview process was fast as they were looking for someone with my profile with critical and analytical thinking.

What was it like studying with allWomen while working at the same time?

I feel that working while studying Data Science comes with its challenges – but it is an amazing experience. It is something you can definitely do and where you learn a lot. It is a great opportunity to put that knowledge into action in your work. This bootcamp has given me the tools to upskill AdPone’s performance data analysis of our 400 clients.

Do you feel like learning in an all-female environment helped you feel empowered to enter a tech profession and advocate for yourself within it?

Yes, definitely. The first thing that usually comes to our minds when we think about a tech position is that it is almost exclusively for men, and therefore it is hard to get. allWomen gave me the opportunity to achieve knowledge on data science but also to be part of a community of women in tech who support each other. For me, this is key when starting in a new field, to learn in an environment where there is no competitiveness but collaboration, and everyone wants everyone to succeed.

How does the curriculum allWomen Data Science bootcamp help you in your current position as a Data Analytics Manager at AdPone? What skills from the bootcamp do you use in your current work?

At the beginning of my role as Data Analytics Manager, I did all my analysis with Excel and Tableau. As I wanted to do deeper analyses, I enrolled in the Data Analytics bootcamp and I learned to use python which I use for 60% of my analysis.  As I really improved in my deliveries, I realized that I wanted to continue learning and that is when I enrolled to do the Data Science bootcamp, to acquire the different skills set that allows me to create models. Now in my work, I am starting to use machine learning techniques to deliver a model that recognizes the different types of performance of the more than 1200 websites we work with.

Do you think it was important that you did the Data Science bootcamp for this position at AdPone?

Yes, it is really important because it has given me the opportunity not only to upskill myself but to know a new world full of opportunities, learning and creating new insights. I have new tools to do great data extraction, cleaning, manipulation and visualization. Due to this, I feel more confident in my analytical skills and this reflects back in my work when I deliver new solutions to help the company grow in a better direction, adapted to its environment.

AdPone is an AdTech company, and this industry is in constant evolution. So, it is crucial to have the tools to be able to analyze all of this new data. I think that the allWomen Data Science bootcamp helped me to be a better professional prepared to take in the constant changes.

Can you tell us about your experience working at AdPone thus far? Is it a positive experience? What kind of work are you doing?

It is definitely a positive experience. I am constantly learning, and I have the freedom to create and implement different solutions, so I am really motivated.

As a Data Analytics Manager, I am responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing and managing our CRM. I give the sales team and the top management the insights that helped the company grow in the last two years. 

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

In the future I hope to achieve more data science abilities that can be combined with my sociological skills so I can deliver more complex projects. Also, I look forward to continuing being part of the community of women in tech, to exchange more ideas, knowledge and experiences and support each other.

Do you want to upskill your career like Paula? Consider joining our next edition of Data Analytics bootcamp for women or find the best fit for you by browsing all our courses here.