Meet the team behind allWomen

We practice what we preach. Our team is a diverse collective of women who are experts in tech, dedicated to making our mission a reality.

A safe space for women, created by women only.

Laura Fernández Gimenez
CEO and Co-Founder of allWomen

“I wanted to create a community in which any woman can join and feel safe and supported. Where they can unbind themselves from these tiring stereotypes (that despite becoming quite cliché are still as powerful as ever). To have a place that is freeing, empowering, and peaceful.”

Our core team

Our pool of female talent

Meet the team of core members who have made the allWomen Academy what it is today.

Our experts

Our pool of female experts

Meet the team of industry-leading female experts who deliver top-notch learning.

Nohemy is a seasoned data professional with over a decade of experience in the industry, with particular expertise in cloud computing and computer science. She is passionate about data storytelling and has a keen interest in Explainable AI and Fairness in algorithms. Dedicated to bridging the gap between AI users and AI practitioners, she focuses on education and innovation. She also leverages her experience to teach machine learning and AI, empowering others to excel in this field.

Klaudia’s journey, which began with architecture studies in 2012, reflects a passion for versatile design—from fashion and vintage items to digital products. Working mostly with agencies, she has been reshaping user experiences in diverse industries since 2017.

Senior UX Writer at Europe’s leading digital bank, N26, Katie has years of experience as a UX Writer and Content Designer in agencies, mobile gaming, and Fintech. She is also a lead speaker for various female-powered writing panels in her spare time.

Tammy Liang is a Senior Data Analyst currently working at Alibaba, where she plays a vital role in building scalable and impactful data products with a specific emphasis on user growth and product analytics. She thrives on seeking out challenges and innovative problem-solving opportunities, often driven by the power of data.

Maria has over 10 years of experience in strategic and technical product management, developing product and go-to-market strategies for senior management and C-level executives. She is always eager to innovate and use her expertise to help others succeed in their product management careers.

As a successful Leadership Coach, University Lecturer, and Talent Development Advisor for over 10 years, Danielle has helped individuals from all over the world feel empowered at work. As a TEDx Speaker, Danielle has built an impressive reputation for helping companies and individuals reach their maximum potential.

Gabriela is a UX researcher with over five years in the field, working with companies such as Mango and Glovo to inform strategic decisions and successful rollouts that delivered better experiences for users. She is passionate about human-centred design and service design, actively contributing to the research community through articles, talks and knowledge sharing.

Diana is a Product Design Manager and allWomen Instructor with 10+ years of experience in UX and UI. She specializes in designing b2b products and has mentored students and career changers across various product design schools.

Karina has 20+ years of experience helping clients innovate their businesses and transform their users’ experience. Her work spans continents and industries, from redefining mobility and transforming world-class experiences around the auto industry to designing the first on-demand insurance solution in Spain.

Uliana Musikhina is a Senior Product Designer at Capdesk from Carta, an art director and a music lover. She works on user-centered concepts and has been designing excellent digital products in cross-functional teams since 2014.

Visual, Product, and UX/UI Designer, Susana has over 15 years of experience in UX/UI Design. Working with small startups to huge teams, Susana does it all, imparting her wisdom through mentoring students across the globe. As your lead instructor for this course, you’ll meet Susana to talk about career insights in a live session.

Blanca is a Computational Linguist working as a NLP Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain’s leading supercomputing centre, specialized in High Performance Computing.

From small teams to hyper growth organisations, Nuria enjoys collaborating with peers and solving problems together. Currently working remotely from Barcelona at the Core team of Shopify and mentoring students from AllWomen.

Head of Product, Product Management coach, and allWomen Lead Instructor, Kax has built digital products over the past 10 years. She spends her free time helping out new and aspiring Product Managers find joy in their career paths and teaching them how to build an environment for them to thrive.

Cansu landed her first product-related job more than 10 years ago at eDreams. Her journey as a Product Manager has continued in a variety of organizations and she is currently a Freelance Product Manager as part of Tech93 Team helping organizations build products they're proud of.

With a background in Computer Science, Ferdaws transferred to a Product Management role 5 years ago, advancing to the senior team in just a few years. As our career development coach, she’ll share her own experience and strategies on how to land the PM role you want.

Norma is a Lead Product Manager at Onebox, with a Ph.D. in Computational Biology. She has extensive knowledge of Product Analytics and contributes to the development of wonderful international products for both start-ups and big companies.

Corin is Artificial Intelligence Manager at NTT DATA for Europe & Latam. She has developed a great journey within the Data Science field, where she has worked for more than 10 years.

Marta is a passionate Product & UX Specialist and a 4x entrepreneur with a marketing background. She has launched initiatives in the area of social innovation, healthcare, and marketplace, developing products from scratch and raising capital (>$1M).

Anabela is a Senior Product Management professional with more than 20 years of experience in companies such as HP and DMI.

Samanta is a Data Professional with more than 8 years of experience in fields such as Software Analysis and Engineering, Data Science and Product Development. She combines Product & Data Knowledge to identify and run effective analysis that suit product needs.

Data Scientist and allWomen Analytics Instructor, Patricia has been working in several tech companies (gaming, mobile apps, fintech) in Data Analytics and Data Science.

Reyhaneh is a Data Scientist and Natural Language Processing Researcher. Skilled in NLP, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), she is a strong engineering professional with a Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D.

Jovana is a Computational Linguist. She uses her natural language processing (NLP), data analysis, and general linguistic expertise to help improve and optimize language understanding of AI products.

Making real change that makes us stronger together

Our core values are the DNA of how we work.

Everything we do is connected to our purpose; training, transforming and empowering women in technology. This mission is shared by every member (team, instructors, students, mentors, participants) of allWomen and that’s how, together, we have an impact at a social and global level, today and tomorrow.

We believe in equity, diversity and inclusion. We acknowledge not everyone starts from the same point, have the same privileges and circumstances, which is why we believe feminism will be intersectional, or it won’t be. We welcome and empower all women, non-binary and trans people in succeeding in their careers in tech.

As a collective, we are wiser, stronger and richer. Together we learn, empower and support each other, and we show each other our possibilities are limitless. This challenge is global, we need all realities represented, and only if we act together will we be able to succeed.

We know that by walking together, we’ll arrive further. That’s why we actively seek for allies (individuals, communities, private and public organizations) to be a part of our journey and further help us in our mission of getting more women into tech.
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