Why allWomen?

Discover the mission behind allWomen and why we have the best tech training and kick-ass community.


The number of required tech professionals in the EU by 2020.
And our mission is that half of them have to be women. Tech is meant to serve all of us so it should include ~all of us~ on developing it, too.

Only 1 out of 5 computing jobs are currently held by women worldwide.
It needs to change.

+16 M

The GDP yearly increase if more women were to join the tech sector.
We work to encourage companies to invest in female talent is the only way to lead the future of tech while we train amazing professionals.

Overcome the fear of tech, maths and science. Find a job in one of the most growing sectors.

Boost or shift careers

We believe that no background is needed to become a women in tech. We design our programs for you to go from 0 to 100 and we offer mentoring and assistant trough all the way. Because it shouldn't be obstacles to your dream career!

Follow your own interests

With our programs we teach you to become either a Data Scientist, Product Manager or UX Designer. We learn from real life problems and adapt to the class members own interests. You will also build your own personal project.

Safe space

Women needs safe and positives environments where everyone feels free to learn from (and with) each other that's why we decided to be an only women academy. But we welcome allies in our events and special occasions!

allWomen is designed BY women, FOR women-only.

Lead by example

Our programs are designed and taught by professional female tech experts that will prepare you to master the skills you need to succeed in your tech career. The future of tech needs more women and we are here to make it happen.


We are building a growing community to empower and to light up women in the tech sector, while bringing diversity to our future technologies. We organise weekly events to keep learning from each other.


Companies trust us and contribute to our mission to bring a more diverse workspace. They help being hiring partners to our graduates and as part of our community, co organizing events.

allWomen Community.
Diverse, international and one of the biggest in Barcelona, for real.

A welcoming city

We are from and located in Barcelona (Spain) city center. A sunny, international and thrilling city that will welcome you with its amazing life-style culture and nature.
New in town? Don't worry we will help you settling in.

Barcelona tech ecosystem. Home of some of the most amazing startups worldwide.

Job opportunities

Barcelona is today one of Europe tech capitals. Companies are attracted to the excellent conditions and the city growing tech talent.
We have a growing network of hiring partners that are boosting the employment rate of our students.