Why is allWomen the right choice for you?

Encouraging women to enter and thrive in the tech industry at all levels.


community of women and allies to connect with globally.


of our students land jobs in within 3- 6 months of graduating.


kick-ass female instructors.

1. Overcome the fear of tech, maths and science.

Find a job in one of the fastest growing sectors.

Boost or shift your career

We believe that any background is the right background to become a woman in tech. That’s why we design our programs for you to go from 0 to 100, and we offer mentoring and assistance from beginning to end. Because your past shouldn’t be an obstacle in your future career!

Follow your own interests

Through our programs, we teach you how to become a Data Scientist, Product Manager, or UX Designer based on your aspirations. Each class is adapted to our students’ own interests and are inspired by finding solutions to real-life problems. This culminates in an opportunity to build your own project driven by your personal passions.

2. An academy designed BY women,

FOR women-only.

A Safe Space

Currently, women lack safe and positive environments where each person can feel free to learn from (and with) one another. That’s why we decided to create an academy that provides this space specifically for women. But we still love our allies, who are welcome to attend our events and special occasions!

Lead by Example

Our programs are designed and taught by professional female tech experts, who will prepare you to master the skills you need to succeed in your tech career. The future of tech needs more women – and we are here to make that happen.

3. From Barcelona to the world.

A global outlook on the tech industry from an international academy for women.

Connect across the world

While our team is located in city center of Barcelona, Spain, one of Europe’s growing tech hubs, it’s our goal to give women globally the opportunity to enter the rapidly growing tech industry. This is why we’ve implemented our Remote Learning approach, which enables us to operate internationally. 

International Hiring Partners

We work with an international portfolio of companies who support our mission of getting more women working in tech disciplines. These strong relationships allow us to connect more women with cool, pro-diversity companies around the world who are working to make sure that they succeed. 

4. The allWomen Community.

Diverse, international and - real talk - one of the biggest in the world.


Companies trust in us and are inspired to contribute to our mission of creating a more diverse workplace. We see this from their participation as hiring partners for our graduates, the co-organization of events and scholarships, and their engagement in the allWomen community.


We are building a growing community surrounding our mission: to bring diversity to our future technologies by supporting women in the tech sector. To engage with our community, we organize weekly remote events to ensure that we continue to learn from each other.

allWomen technology - Laura Fernández - CEO allWomen

Laura Fernandez, allWomen CEO.

So why allWomen?
Why an all female tech academy?

Eager for more? Find out our CEO’s motivation for creating allWomen.