How are women changing the world with tech? In this blogpost, we investigate the technology made by women that supports an important part of the female experience…fertility health!

Fertility is a huge conversation that we have been having for all of time. Whether you want to have kids or not, it’s important for us all to have resources that help us understand our reproductive health including when we’re most fertile, the changes in our monthly hormones, and our options for healthy, happy pregnancies (if that’s what you want!)

Research shows that more women are waiting longer to have children, particularly with the widespread support of female empowerment in the working world. Yes ladies, go get your lives! Plus, there are now a lot more options for women who want to wait longer to get pregnant. This life-changing technology gives women around the world more flexibility and agency when it comes to pregnancy. Now women don’t have to choose between family and careers, giving more females the opportunity to rise to the top if they want to. 

But further than just tech methods for helping you get pregnant (like IVF, egg-freezing technology, and even new treatments like lab-grown eggs), there are also amazing digital products and platforms created for and by women that are changing the way women manage their fertility. 

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Natural Cycles is the first app that is certified as a contraceptive.
  • Juno Bio uses machine learning and bioinformatics to analyze and detect vaginal micro biomes that affect fertility.
  • Apricity is a virtual fertility clinic that uses technology to provide support for mothers.
  • Next Gen Jane has a Smart Tampon platform that’s built to help understand your reproductive health.
  • Modern Fertility helps you become an expert on your own hormone levels so that you can better track your own fertility.
  • Kind Body is an advanced fertility clinic with lots of options for expecting mothers.
  • Parla is an online fertility community for mothers with at-home tests and quizzes for understanding your body’s fertility.
  • OUI has created an innovative hormone-free contraceptive capsule for a different kind of birth control.
  • Phexxi is another hormone-free birth control option, which comes in a gel form.

Do you have other examples of fertility technology that you love? Share them with us so that we can add them to our list!