From period health to fertility, we’re following a natural cycle with the topic of this blogpost: Motherhood and Postnatal Health! 

Pregnancy can be a huge part of the female experience (if you want it to be of course!) and there are many ways in which women can be supported along the way through technology solutions built with their needs in mind. 

But there’s a reason why this technology is only hitting the mainstage today: for so long, women didn’t even talk to EACH OTHER about the things that come along with pregnancy like changes in the body, breast-pumping, postpartum depression…because these topics were always considered taboo. 

But now that more women are speaking up about their needs for support during pregnancy, other women are responding by designing incredible technology that gives them exactly what they need. 

Here are some awesome examples that you should definitely check out!

  • Expectful is a meditation and sleep app built specifically for expecting mothers.
  • Amma Pregnancy Tracker is a pregnancy tracker that gives you a better understanding of your body during pregnancy.
  • Mae Health Inc is a maternal health care platform for Black women.
  • Peanut is a social media platform for creating community amongst mothers.
  • Willowpump is life-changing breast pump mobility technology. 
  • Nest Collaborative created a virtual lactation platform. 
  • LacTapp is an app dedicated to breastfeeding and motherhood.
  • Milk Stork ships breast milk to families in need.
  • Major Care Postpartum Doulas is a virtual postpartum doula platform that released the My Fourth app devoted to postpartum self-care for parents.
  • Coroflo is a breast feeding monitor to know how much milk you’re pumping.
  • Babyscripts is a virtual maternity care center that piloted a remote monitoring product for maternal mental health. 

Yas mamaaa!

Do you have any other examples that you love? Share them with us so that we can all learn a little bit more about the resources available to us!