Here at allWomen, we talk a lot about why the world needs more technology created for and by women – in fact it’s our favorite topic. But this isn’t true for everybody, which is why we’re constantly looking for new ways to explain it. And this time, we’ve decided to let the technology speak for itself.

That’s why, we’d like to present real life examples of how female-built technology is shaping the future of tech. We see this as an opportunity to educate ourselves and our community on the technology that is designed around the female experience so that we can all feel equipped to talk about female-centered tech solutions and how badass women are already changing the world with it.

In this blogpost, we’re focused on period health and the female-led technology designed to approach this oh-so-normal female experience.

Every single month, we, as women, move through our menstrual cycles, tuning in with our bodies and noting how we feel at each stage. It becomes so routine that many of us could confidently say, “Anything you can do, I can do bleeding.”

And yet…something so normal to the human experience, which brings with it a number of inconveniences and disruptions to our daily lives, hasn’t been a focal point for creating useful digital solutions??

This, my friends, is a symptom of the patriarchy.

But luckily, there are women out there who see the need for digital products that help with our monthly cycles.

Here are a few that we think are awesome:

  • Looncup is a menstrual cup that tracks health information from your period.
  • My Freda delivers eco-friendly feminine care products.
  • Redpanti is a platform that promotes the use of reusable period products.
  • Clue is an app that tracks your period and ovulation with an awesome UX design that speaks to the female experience.
  • Daye provides science based period care.
  • Flo Tracker is an AI powered period health app.
  • Moonai is an app that helps with period pain.
  • Wuka WearCocoro, and DearKate create high-quality period underwear for a more comfortable flow.

What other period health tech do you think more women should know about? Let us know so that we can add them to our list so that we can help support female-driven technology together.