SheStartup vol.II

🙏 170 times: thank you #SheStartup ✌


We hosted 170 women and allies who listened to exciting ladies sharing their experiences in tech, enjoyed a cold beer. While connecting with the community,  and were received with smiles (and stickers!) by companies who want to bring more female talent to their tech teams. 
SheStartup vol.II was amazing!

One of the biggest events for women in tech in Barcelona in which we had the opportunity of learning from six great speakers.

Haiyan Ma, product manager at Letgo broke the ice with a very inspiring talk on how she got into tech. The personal barriers we all need to break and about the benefits of working in teams. Followed by Jorge Cara Director Of Engineering at Haufe Group. Jorge explained the challenges they had to face when changing from RPMs to Cloud, super technical, and super interesting! The third position was for Dima El Masri, Senior UX Designer at Xing teaching us the must and don’ts when designing for diversity.

“Note to yourself when designing: 1. You are not the user 2. You are always responsible 3. Iterate constantly on your products. “

Dima El Masri, Senior UX Designer 

We continued with Silvia Mur Blanch, Senior Frontend Developer at Typeform, on their process to build a tidy codebase and how that sparkled the team joy. And moved on on to learning with Alba Iniesta, UX Game Designer at King. She gave a fun presentation about the key factors when designing video games. 1) the player 2) the context 3)the engagement 4)usability and accessibility 5) testing.

We wrapped up the evening with a special keynote about AI and the *urgency* of having more women in the field from Regina Llopis. She is the President of a AIA Group and also invests in women entrepreneurs in STEAM! What’s not to love about that? 😻

For our partners KingTypeformHaufeLetgo and Xing: Thank you for the masterclasses, the warmth and to take action on closing the gender gap in tech. 👯♀ And Estrella Damm, thanks for the space and the beers 🍻


And hey, we can’t wait for the next one 😏Stay tune


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