Women Learning Python Scholarship

In November 2018 at allWomen.tech we startes our workshops on Artificial Intelligence for women, by women.
To celebrate this new beginning, we offered a scholarship powered by Badi, the super cool startup that is making room sharing amazing, to learn how to program in Python in 20 hours, a 375€-workshop happening between 12 and 16 of November (5 days), from 17h to 21h. Here you have all the information: 20-hour immersive course to complete your first business-analytics project using Python.
Until November 8th 2018 every woman could apply for this scholarship and 3 women enjoyed the chance to take part in this workshop to learn Python in Barcelona 100% for free.

Python, one of the most fashionable programming languages today, is a powerful tool for professional business data management. A way to go one step further in the field of Business Analytics, gaining both agility and efficiency in the processing of large volumes of data. Forget the excel, macros and hundreds of records manually reviewed… now you can create a script in 5 minutes and… voilà! You will already have your data processed.
Also, learning to program in Python is the first step in the development of studies such as Data Science or Artificial Intelligence.

Why the Women Learning Python scholarship?

From Badi and AllWomen we launched this scholarship for 3 women because we wanted to offer the possibility of participating in this course to those who are really interested in learning Python but cannot afford it. Of course, every woman had to prove to us that she was the ideal candidate 🙂

How does the Women Learning Python scholarship work?

Here you have all the details:
At Badi and AllWomen we reserved the right of admission of candidates to the Women Learning Python Scholarship. The election was made based on the suitability of the candidate to the scholarship that will be valued by the AllWomen management team and officially communicated on our social networks on the morning of Friday, November 9.


AllWomen is the evolution
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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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