How do you plan on making an impact in 2020?

At the start of every new year, we like to tell ourselves: new year, new me! But this is a sentiment that quickly loses momentum as the end of the month starts to creep in. 

We make lists of how we can better ourselves and how we can improve the world around us. And yet, by February we’ve forgotten our self-care routines and how our work has any impact at all. 

So how can you ensure that, this year, you’re not going to lose steam on your goals? And, moreover, that your actions in 2020 will have an impact on the sectors that you care about?

First things first, to make an impact you need to be doing something that directly touches the sectors that you want to reshape. 

With the way the world is going, technology is the gateway to change and innovation. By studying something like data science, product management or UX design, you’ll find that you’re gifting yourself the ability to make an impact. 

We see it everyday with our students. They come in with social issues that they want to influence through technology – and we get to watch as they do that everyday!

Our second piece of advice is to put yourself in an environment that is going to foster your success.

When surrounded by people who want to make a difference, you’ll feel inspired to do the same. Plus, you have people to bounce ideas off of who are just as motivated as you are.

This is important not just for holding yourself accountable in 2020, but also so that you can develop the best work with the help of peers and mentors – something we can encourage throughout the allWomen community. 

Finally, create for yourself a realistic plan for the year – one that you can keep up and follow through with to the end. Don’t demand too much, but also don’t sell yourself short. 

If this sounds like a challenge, we’d like to help you get on track.

Our tech courses for women are built to give you the structure you need to develop big ideas and see them come into fruition in a community of supportive women who care about seeing you succeed.

From learning a new skill to landing your dream job in tech, we want to help you achieve big things this year that have a positive impact on the world around us.

(Including our goal of bringing more women into tech!)

Check out our courses so that you can become one of those women!


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